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Meracia is a rural province in central Vericum that has been ruled by the Creufels family for many generations.

Its capital is the small city of Ampia, though its port town of Vanos is no less important. Vanos is a recent addition to the province and was moved from Pacrateia to Meracia during the restructing of provinces after the Founding of the Empire. It had been held by Creufels and allied forces for five decades, but the Durenach family still held the claim to it until Emperor Richard I forced the Durenachs to give up their claim. There is still rivalry between the families to this day and (alleged) sabotage and issues with workers and raw materials is the primary reason that the road towards Vanos is still being upgraded after over 60 years of work (and many, many setbacks).

Meracia has a total population of 37800.

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