Radgety Ophelia

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house Radgety
born 42 AV
died (alive)
father Radgety Gerhalt
(1 JL - 44 JL)
mother Tarkol Nakila
(? - ?)
spouse Thobocal Richard
sex female

The youngest daughter of her family, Ophelia is both beautiful and smart, though her childhood was difficult. Born just two years before her father died, and ten years after her second-youngest sibling Piters, she was the oddball of the family, with few friends of similar age. From age 10 she took up the manners of an adult, and soon blossomed into a young princess by behaviour and looks, if not by blood. Those who have known her for long say that he hasn't really changed between age fifteen and today.

As a young woman, she of course participated in all the balls and social events of the upper class, but without a father to force her hand, she refused to marry until she met Thobocal Richard, with whom she apparently fell in love and whom she married within a year of him becoming lord of Akingea.

Following Kiswaili tradition, her name begins with her clan, then her personal name, then her mothers name, so Ophelias full name is Radgety Ophelia, daughter of Nakila or Radgety Ophelia Nakila.