The Archer's Hall

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The Archer's Hall is a large roadside inn at the intersection of the Imperial High Road and the road to Sumegaidau. It sits just south of the bridge over the Gleyre.

The inn has its name from its owner, Ushan Jomo, a former adventurer (and archer, obviously) who bought it about ten years ago and expanded the small inn to a major stop along the High Road, complete with its own stables and even a small shop with travel and adventuring supplies.

The Archer's Hall also has a tiny Adventurers' Guild outpost, the only one not located within a town or city.

The inn itself is made up of the main building that contains two large bar rooms with six tables each (Ushan is a follower of the Faith of Nesra). The smallest tables can seat 6, the largest tables 12 guests. The front room, whose door opens unto the road, is for drinks only, while the back room is for meals. When things are very busy, this rule is relaxed. There is a large opening connecting both rooms, right next to the central fireplace that gives light and heat to both.

The bar is open day and night, though during the night only a single bar maid attends those who go to sleep late or get up early.

There is also a storage and preparation room and a common room with two dozen sleeping places on the ground floor. Two stairs, one at each end of the main hall, lead up to the second floor which contains 6 shared rooms with four beds each and 4 rooms with two beds. There are also two suites with king-size beds and high-quality furniture reserved for noble or wealthy guests. The two suites are located around the main chimney and have their own fireplaces. The other rooms have small coal heating units that are used only in winter.

The inn also has a space under the roof, which is at times rented out as a storage and serves as an overflow common room when everything is full. A small staircase leads up to the roof area from the second floor.

The second building contains the kitchen, servants' quarters and Ushan's private living space. It is about 10m away from the main building. The kitchen is located here so that in case of fire the main building is not in immediate danger. The inn's well is also located on the path between the two buildings.

The third building, behind the main building, is the stables and coach house, where travellers can park their horses and carriages. There is enough space for two coaches and boxes for a dozen horses, though two are permanently reserved for Ushan's own steeds. The hayloft is also where coachmen, travelling peasants and sometimes servants can sleep for just a copper, though Ushan is known for letting them stay in the common room for the same price if he has empty spaces.

There are also a number of pens as the inn has slowly become a small farm with chickens, goats, rabbits and a vegetable garden.

Secrets of The Archer's Hall

Details not generally known and things that need to be discovered about The Archer's Hall are hidden away at Secrets of The Archer's Hall (visible only to registered users).