Adventurers' Guild

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In the Dragon Eye world, adventuring is something that is known and accepted throughout Auseka as a kind of profession. Reactions to adventurers range from admiration to distrust, and can change with the need for having them. Places that are regularily plagued by monsters or harmful magic are generally happy to see a party of adventurers about, peaceful and untroubled places often see them as troublemakers.

The Adventurers' Guild is, like any other guild, there to support and sometimes control those of the adventuring profession. Unlike most other guilds, it is not a local organisation and it does not have a register of members. Anyone can show up, claim to be an adventurer and make use of the services of the guild.

The Adventurers' Guild primary purposes are the assignment of quests, the resolution of disputes and providing guidance to adventuring parties.

Assignment of Quests

Those who are in need of expendable heroes can go to the Adventurers' Guild and give a quest there. Depending on the reward and challenge level, the guild will spread the news to nearby guild posts so that adventurers can come even from far away, if needed, to take the quest. The guild takes a small share for its efforts in order to fund itself. These quests are both the primary income of the guild and the main reason most adventuring parties take their quests from the guild.

The guild will not give any quest to everyone, but will assess the strength and capabilities of parties in order to ensure that they do have at least a small chance of completing the quest. For example, a quest that is sure to require magic will not be given to a party without a mage.

Resolution of Disputes

For guild-assigned quests, the guild will also serve as an impartial and widely respected arbiter in case there is a dispute between the quest giver and the party. This can happen if the quest details were not well described or if the quest turned out to be not what it was thought to be.


The guild is also an information center for adventurers who often travel vast distances and are unfamiliar with the location. The guild clerks will be happy to point them towards suitable lodging and shops or services within the town or city as well as some basic information about local laws and customs.

Guild Locations

The Archer's Hall