Unity3D Game Published Fantasy 11 Oct 2021

Black Forest (2021)

After the inital game failed (see Black Forest (old)) it took me a while to realize that I still loved the core concept of the game. So years later, with more experience and assets, I returned to it and created the new version, avoiding the first version's main issue - the 2021 version is a single…

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Unity3D Game Roleplaying Featured Fantasy 28 Jun 2021

Dragon Eye: Legacy

Dragon Eye: Legacy is a standalone adventure / visual novel game set in the Dragon Eye world. It is available in early access for Mac, Windows and Linux. In Legacy, players follow the story of Nevan, a young man whose father has just been taken away and who gave him rather mysterious instructions…

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Footer 09 Jun 2021


This website collects no personal information about you beyond what is functionally necessary (such as your IP address, without which you cannot connect to anything on the Internet).

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Book Published 09 Jun 2021

Beyond the Blight

(TODO) (TODO). https://wiki.battlemaster.org/wiki/Beyond_the_Blight

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Footer 09 Jun 2021


Unless otherwise noted, texts on this site are © by Tom Vogt. Images are either from the products discussed (and thus typically also © Tom Vogt) or from public domain sources. If you encounter any errors or have any kind of issue with anything posted on this site, contact tom@lemuria.org to di…

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Game Pen and paper Roleplaying Featured 09 Jun 2021

Dragon Eye

(TODO) (TODO). /dragoneye/

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09 Jun 2021

Might & Fealty

(TODO) (TODO). http://mightandfealty.com/

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Unity3D Game Abandoned 09 Jun 2021


(TODO) A never-finished second 3D standalone game for BattleMaster

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Unity3D Game Published 09 Jun 2021

The Dream

The Dream was a standalone mini-supplement to the 4th Beluaterra Invasion in my online game BattleMaster. It was an interactive fiction game, without much action and combat. There were a few quests and there was a small game-world to explore and discover. It was a 3D mini-game available for OS X…

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Online Game Roleplaying 09 Jun 2021


(TODO) (TODO). http://battlemaster.org/

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