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For the past two decades, I've been working as an expert in the field of Information Security. My current job title is Senior Information Security Architect and that's how I see myself - as someone who builds, designs and supervises the implementation of good security.My knowledge spans the technic…

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Written Words

As an author, I have published several books and not (yet) published a bunch of short-stories and one-and-a-half more books. Here you can find some of my literary works

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Gaming has been my life-long passion, in most of its shapes and forms. As someone growing up with early computers, those computer games of course have accompanied me most of my life, and I both play and create them. While I've had my occasional binge sessions, I don't really consider myself a gamer…

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Abandoned Games

As anyone who has done any development, be it of artwork, writing, software, games or other things, knows - you leave a mountain of abandoned projects for every successful one. This is my pile of projects that never quite made it, with a short peak at their story. Preserved for context, history an…

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The Unmoored

My current writing project is The Unmoored. Stories set in a science-fiction world where humans are not the dominant species in the galaxy with a vast empire etc. etc. I am currently posting the firs…


Black Forest (2021)

After the inital game failed (see Black Forest (old)) it took me a while to realize that I still loved the core concept of the game. So years later, with more experience and assets, I returned to it…


Dragon Eye: Legacy

Dragon Eye: Legacy is a standalone adventure / visual novel game set in the Dragon Eye world. It is available in early access for Mac, Windows and Linux. In Legacy, players follow the story of Neva…