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Pages about the history of Auseka and its epochs.

Epoch of Creation

Only legends tell about this epoch, but the world must have been created at some time. So there must have been an epoch before history. In this time, the gods created the world and everything in it. Mountains and trees, animals and oceans. It must have been a time of high magic and gods walking the earth, but again, only legends tell of this time.

Epoch of the Ancient Races

The oldest times of which anything is known. Gods, magic and the ancient races of the elves and dwarves were in harmony and the world was young. Auseka was dominated by deep forests and beautiful, mineral-rich mountains. The elves lived in the forests, tending to it and in turn being supplied with everything they needed. The dwarves digged deep into the earth, finding all they needed for their great civilization underground. Few records of this time exist, and none of those ancient beings have survived to this day. Occasionally, ancient ruins are found deep in the forests or far below ground that must be from this epoch, as they are filled with ancient symbols and arcane magic no longer understood, but still powerful.

Epoch of Destruction

A period of war and death during which the orcs and other evil races appear. A war between gods and all the mortal and immortal creatures that followed them. The ancient elves were almost wiped out in this period, first by war and then by The Sinking of Pandongia that reshaped the world and drowned countless beings both on the sunken lands and with the tidal waves that hit other places. This also forced the dwarves to retreat into their underground cities, many of whom collapsed.

Dwarven Kingdoms Epoch

A thousand years later, the dwarves had rebuilt and began to re-emerge to the surface, where they began to trade with each other over distances that they could not cover below ground. They also discovered that humans and gnomes had arrived and started to populate the surface. The forests in this epoch were more calm than before, with only small tribes of elves having survived and rebuilding their species slowly. Both elves and dwarves were surprised to discover several kingdoms of another curious species - the gnomes.

Age of Man

Thousands of years passed, with humanity multiplying and advancing faster than the other races, and finally coming to dominate Auseka. With time, they took control of the lands save those too vigorously defended by the ancient races. The gnomish kingdoms disappeared or were absorbed into the human realms. It is now the Age of Man.