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Area 5404 km2
Population 65500
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Kiswaili
Dominant Religion Faith of Ikoyo
Realm Palan
Ruled by Higewa Tronson

Kabebia is a rural province in central Palan, in the area where the northern, Kiswaili Faith dominated part of the realm meets the southern, Faith of Ikoyo dominated one.

The province has two distinct parts.

Southern Kabebia

Southern Kabebia is covered by temperate deciduous forest and several streams form in its hills, merging into rivers. It is a fertile and densely populated area, and its people follow the Faith of Ikoyo.

Northern Kabebia

The oddly-shaped north part of the province is part of the Western Grasslands. This region is arid and sparsely populated. Despite by area being about the same size as the southern part (even a tiny bit bigger), only 20% of the provinces population lives here. These people follow the Kiswaili Faith, and many of them are nomads.


Kabebia has no major settlements and its few towns are small. It also has no formal seat of government. Following ancient nomadic traditions, government travels, though it now often resides in one town or the other for a few weeks before moving on, while in older times it would live an entirely nomadic existence.

The current ruler of Kabebia is Higewa Tronson, a young man little known outside the province. The Higewa clan is the most powerful clan of northern Kabebia, with over 2000 members.

Points of Interest