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Type city
Elevation 328 m
Population 890
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Elladan
Dominant Religion Faith of Ikoyo
Realm Vericum
Province Acebdenia

Phonas is a tiny city just off the Imperial High Road. It is surrounded by forested hills and lies about 70 km from Lake Erisai. It is the capital of the Acebdenia Territory. By size, it is a town, but it has all the features of a city.

The castle of Phonas was the neutral territory and meeting place during the negotiations that led to the Founding of the Empire of Vericum.

After it came to moderate fame as a historic location, Phonas grew into a small city, and with the announcement of the Imperial High Road project was expected to grow much more and become a city. But when the High Road was built not through Phonas but west of it, the expected trade and travellers passed it by and growth stopped, even went backwards for a while.

Today, Phonas is mostly a military city, dominated by its castle and the barracks of the local militia which protect the city and the province. It has a city wall, but nev

Places of Interest

Castle Phonas is the heart of the city which grew next to it originally as servant and militia quarters. The castle is old, having been founded in 495 BV. It is not very large, but has a surprising number of rooms due to the fact that it has only a single large hall taking up space, with the rest of the building consisting of various guestrooms, sleeping quarters and dining, working and meeting lounges. It has not see war in a hundred years, and these days its guards are mostly ceremonial, as it is deep in the core of the Empire and unlikely to be threatened by any surprise danger. Wild animals and occasional bandits are the only enemies of the castle guards.

Phonas features two inns for weary travellers. The Hippogriff is a good-quality tavern and inn with a dozen rooms located near the eastern gate. Pigkeeper's Stay is a cheap tavern outside the city gates, frequented by the low-income population of the west-end and the occasional traveller who arrived after sunset. It doesn't have rooms, but patrons can stay in the common room and sleep on the benches or tables for a copper.

Both the Weaponsmith and the Armourer mostly work for the local militia, but sometimes accepting outside orders as well.

The Guild Hall is obviously much too large for such a small city, and is mostly empty, a silent ruin and reminder of the expected growth of the city that never occurred. It does have a corner for the Adventurers' Guild which was set aside, but never opened. Since the opening of The Archer's Hall to the south, right on the Imperial Highway, chances that it will ever open have vanished.

The Temple has seen better days, but is being properly tended for again these years after decades of neglect, and repairs are being made constantly, bringing it back to its former glory slowly. The priests live in adjacent buildings.

Local Businesses

The General Store is run by one of the older families of Phonas, the Gesslers, with Rudolph Gessler being the current head of the family and his two sons and three daughters running the shop most days. They supply much of the daily needs of their customers, especially since Phonas does not have a permanent market place.

Despite its modest size, Phonas has four shoemakers and two cobblers. Piers has a fairly large shop in the better region of the north-west, amidst living houses. The second better shoemaker in Phonas is Ranald in the southern quarter where officials and castle servants live. Piers and Ranald are bitter enemies and the meetings of the shoemaker's guild are often spoilt by their conflicts. Meanwhile, Ingram has his small shop outside the city walls, at the road eastwards, and is frequently by both locals ans travellers looking for cheap and sturdy footwear. The fourth shoemaker, Jop has specialized on boots and has his shop conveniently near the barracks. He is the official supplier of the city militia and is rarely not busy. For repairs, the poor of Phonas turn to Matfried , while most citizens living within the walls prefer Onntje .

Three barbers provide the people of Phonas with the necessary services of cutting hair and beard and pulling teeth: Rionet , Zindel and Bart , though only the most daring or most poor would choose Bart.

Two butchers supply fresh meat to the community, Pinder and Joldwin , with the later slaughtering mostly chickens and lambs and only rarely larger animals.

Three masons can be found in Phonas, who formed a collective a decade ago since they have not been fully booked for many years with growth having stopped and all that. Loran compensates with breeding rabbits and chickens, while Alard is also helping the roofer Egon with his work. Only Carl is making it without a side business, mostly because he does not have a family to feed.

  • Jeweller
  • Advocat
  • Hatmaker
  • Tailor
  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Ropemaker
  • Tanner
  • Cooper
  • Cooper


House Detanie has been holding Acebdenia, and with that Phonas, for almost two hundred years, weathering wars and politics. Several statues and street names still remind about House Rohlander, however, which ruled Phonas for four centuries until the entire house perished in The Century of War.

The rulers of Phonas have a generally good reputation among the people, which rests on two principles: Fair taxation and justice. Especially since the Founding of the Empire, which happened in Castle Phonas, House Detanie has tried even harder to become a beacon of fair and just ruling.

The city has a watch that is made up of soldiers, not police. It guards the gates and the castle and intervenes in any troubles. Watchmen can also be seen patrolling the main streets regularily, though they are far less often seen in the smaller side streets. Crime is still low throughout Phonas, due to the small size of the city and the brutality of the watchmen towards criminals caught in flagranti - in such situations it shows that they are soldiers trained for war.

The gate toll is two copper coins per leg for foreigners. After paying the toll, a small wooden disc with two holes that can be used to hang it on a leather string is handed to the travellers to show that the toll was paid. With this disc, entering the city is for free, and all residents have such a disc with them. Some travellers try to sell these discs for a reduced price at nearby inns, even though reselling them is illegal.

Secrets of Phonas

Details not generally known and things that need to be discovered about Phonas are hidden away at Secrets of Phonas (visible only to registered users).