Radgety Dashiel

From Dragon Eye Atlas

house Radgety
born 20 AV
died (alive)
father Radgety Gerhalt
(1 JL - 44 JL)
mother Tarkol Nakila
(? - ?)
sex male

The lord of Ntungia and Hokola is an adapt politician and battle mage. While in his younger years many believe him to be destined for magical greatness, he seemingly lost interest in the arcane arts at age 24, when his father died and he inherited the lands and titles.

This is a curious succession as inheritence is not technically how rulership passes in Palan, but in this case Dashiel simply took office and the guilds and influential people of his domain agreed or kept quiet.

Dashiel is the oldest son of his father, who was quite active in fathering children, having no less than six surviving into adulthood. Aside from Dashiel, his younger brother Emilton is known as a powerful ritual mage, and sisters Nona and Ophelia both married other lords. The youngest son, Piters and the oldest sister, Titala, have both disappeared from public view.

Dashiel married a local maiden named Viviana at age 18, but she died giving birth to their first child one year later, with the child surviving her only by a few days. Dashiel has not remarried since, though several women have been seen in his company over the years, and rumours have it that he has several children born out of wedlock.