From Dragon Eye Atlas

The Surenas are an almost extinct tribe in Mun, found today almost exclusively in Sasanguk.

They are hunter-gatherers living a partial nomadic life. About half of the remaining tribe lives in temporary camps in the rainforest, while the other half lives in villages, though these villages are essentially permanent camps and tribe members will often disappear into the forest for days on hunting expeditions.

The Surenas have been in the area for as long as anyone can remember, but they have been replaced by others and less than a thousand members are left, with most living in Sasanguk, another estimated 200 wandering around the south of the Cheor Land province and about fifty being permanent members of the Mun military.

The Surenas have their own culture, though little is known about it outside the area, as they even speak their own language and no scholars have yet spent the effort to learn that language in order to understand the Surenas and their culture better. A good number of the younger tribe members do know the basics of the common tongue, so at least in the villages, there is usually someone who can serve as a translator.

Surenas culture is a tribal hunter-gatherer culture. Animal spirits and ancestors are worshipped, sharing and caring for members of the tribe is a virtue and both physical strength and knowledge of the rainforest are attributes a man should have, while women are mothers and masters of the home. If a foreigner visits a Surenas village, he could come to believe that it is a matriarchal society, but if he met a group on the march in the forest or a hunting group, he would believe it is a patriarchal culture. Both is true - women rule the camps and the villages, but men lead in the wilderness.