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Ahale is village in Basco in Biesen with a population of about 160.

Ahale or Altale, that is the primary dividing question among residents of this village. Split into roughly equal sides, some of the locals claim that the name of the village is Ahale, while some claim that it is Altale. The conflict goes back several generations and is unresolved and continuous source for bitter arguments.

There are even two taverns in the village, one called the "Ahale Pub" and the other "Altale Inn". Both are small and only the Altale Inn offers a small common room for nights, which is almost never used as the town of Saronale is just over an hour to the south and few travellers plan so badly that they can't make it before nightfall.

The only person who successfully refuses to take sides in the conflict is the local priest of The Six, who prefers tending to his herb garden and rabbits over bickering about a name.

The place is also the location of a ruined monastery at the edge of the forest north-east of the village. The monastery used to be dedicated to Iona and Jukon, but was raided and burnt down by Orcs about seventy years ago. It has never been rebuilt and is standing as a ruin ever since. The villagers rarely visit the ruin.