Black Forest

From Dragon Eye Atlas

The Black Forest is a densely forested region in southern Biesen, reaching roughly from Fonte Pasco in the west to Cacicovevano in the east and from Jencigio in the north to the Ash Mountains in the south. Its exact boundaries are not officially defined, as it is with geographic features of such nature.

The Black Forest is known for its density and difficulty to cross where there are no roads. Not only is it filled with sometimes dense vegetation, small streams and the occasional local marsh or swamp, but also home to a variety of wild animals, with wolves being the least worry of any traveller.

The southern parts of the Black Forest reach into Orc Lands and goblins, trolls and other beasts have been reportedly seen throughout these woods. With magic being largely outlawed in Biesen, these and other monsts roam unchecked and it is not unheard of for villages to disappear and merchants or neighbours finding them burnt down and ravaged, their inhabitants killed or eaten.

Appearance in Other Games

The Black Forest is the background for the computer game with the same name.