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Bosenah is a small, bustling town in Akingea in Palan with a population of about 1700.

Bosenah is immediately recognizable thanks to its narrow cobblestone streets and colorful wooden buildings. The central market square is the heart of the town, where merchants and artisans sell their wares to locals and travelers alike. The square is dominated by an old guild house, its stone walls and high-pitched roof showing its age. The guild house is home to different trade guilds, where artisans and traders come together to discuss deals and showcase their wares. The guild house also serves as a meeting place for the town council and a court for settling disputes.

The streets around the market square are lined with small shops and homes, their thatched roofs and wooden walls giving the town a rustic charm. The town's blacksmith, baker, and candle maker all have their workshops around the market square. The smell of freshly baked bread and the sound of hammering on anvils fill the air.

On the southern outskirts of the town, there is a residential district where the town's commoners live. The houses in this district are simple and small, with thatched roofs and wooden walls, but they are well-maintained and have small gardens in the front. The residents of this district are mostly farmers, herders, and fishers who come to the market square to sell their goods.

On the opposite side of the town, along the shore of the Maldon river, there is a wealthy district where the town's aristocrats and upper-class citizens live. The houses here are grand and imposing, made of stone and with fancy roofs. The district is surrounded by a tall fence and has a gate that is guarded by guards. The houses here are large and have big gardens and stables. The residents of this district are mostly merchants, noblemen, and wealthy landowners.

On the western edge of town, there is a ruined castle, its walls crumbling and overgrown with vines. The castle is a reminder of the town's history, and locals still tell stories of the battles that were fought there long ago. The castle is now a favorite spot for children to play and for couples to take romantic walks.

The town also has a small temple dedicated to the Kiswaili Faith, where the town's priests and priestesses perform the daily rituals and ceremonies. The temple is located on a small hill in the center of the town, and its bell tower can be seen from anywhere in the town.

There is an unusually large gnomish community in the town, making up almost 15% of the population - about 250 gnomes live here. There are also close to a hundred dwarves and even a tiny community of elves, maybe two dozen. As a result, Bosenah is known for its metalworks and craftsmen, and the small port that is eastwards of the upper-class district sees quite a bit of activity.

Overall, Bosenah is a vibrant and bustling place, with a mix of different classes and cultures. It's a town where history and tradition meet innovation and progress.