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Casuvo is medium town in central Basco in Biesen with a population of about 1640.

Located within the southern highlands of Biesen, Casuvo grew into a town simply as a market for the surrounding villages. It received market rights in 179 BV (year 33 of the Biesen calendar), when it had a population of about 600.

Today, the town is home to a market, a few small craftsmen guilds, and due to its convenient distance to the Orc Lands southwards, a small Fighters' and an even smaller Adventurers' Guild.

A wooden wall surrounds the town, which beginning in 35 AV (year 247 in Biesen) is slowly being built up to a stone wall. Construction is slow, however, and less than a quarter of the town wall has been upgraded thus far.

Without a river close, the town relies on several wells for fresh water, and most houses collect rainwater in addition.

Town Map

Casuvo Town Map.jpg

Market (1)

The market square is still the most important place of Casuvo. Market days are every third day in summer and autumn, every fifth day in winter and spring.

Temple of the Six (2)

A recent addition to the town, built between 39 AV and 46 AV, this temple of the Faith of Nesra is the religious centre of Casuvo. It is large and opulent for a town this size, though still dwarved by the temples of larger cities. Each of The Six has his own corner here.

Town Hall / Summer Palace (3)

The second recently errected official building is Baron Tibuuts Summer Palace. It, the Temple of the Six and the park inbetween them take the place of a former residential neighbourhood that burned down in 31 AV. Aside from being where the baron and his family often retreat during the hottest months of the year, it also serves as the town hall, meeting place, tax office and has guest rooms for visiting nobles.

Temple of Jukon (4)

The older and smaller temple of Casuvo has been converted into a temple to Jukon, the god of justice and order. With the importance of trade and the dangers south Jukon has always been a town favorite.

"Grey Mouse" Inn (9)

Located in the west of Casuvo, the "Grey Mouse" is a simple inn popular among all kinds of travellers. It has a tavern that many of the locals frequent as well as 8 guest rooms above.

"Coinmaster" Inn (11)

Conveniently sitting between the market and the southern gatehouse, the "Coinmaster" caters mostly to merchants and traders. It is more expensive than the "Grey Mouse", though quality is not that much higher.

Hardware Store (13)

Tools, pots & pans but also some weapons and the occasional armour can be found here. The hardware store also has a small smithy attached, used mostly for repairs.

Blank Town Map

Here is also a town map without markings that can be used as a handout to players:

Casuvo blank Town Map.jpg