Coughing Death

From Dragon Eye Atlas

The Coughing Death was an outbreak of plague in the north-west of Auseka that killed more than half of the population in the affected areas.

The plague started in autumn of 14 AV near the western coast, with the city of Domamutam being affected within the first month. The outbreak quickly covered the west-end of Grasalia and spread to the northern Njombia exclave, reaching Katamuge at the beginning of winter. While slowing down during the cold months, it resumed in the spring of 15 AV. By this time, the government of Grasalia had ordered the plague contained and after some initial failures, the Boltonton river was declared the demarcation line. Crossing it from west to east was made a crime punishable by immediate execution with the bodies thrown back into the river with long sticks. Camps were built in safe locations on the western shore for those soldiers who had been touched by possible plague victims to wait out the disease.

With the help of magic and strict policies to control the outbreak, the plague ran its course in 15 AV and took its last victims in the winter. By spring in 16 AV, no new cases were known and the restrictions and emergency laws were lifted.