Cowing Castle

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Cowing Castle is a ruined castle located on a tiny island in the Gleyre river, a little way downstream from where the Imperial High Road crosses it and close to The Archer's Hall.

The castle was constructed as a defense against the northern forces during the Anzaro-Cahlapia wars. The Gleyre had formed just a year before, changing the landscape and strategic positions, and a natural island in the river was picked as a good location. Construction began in autumn of 80 BV and was completed just six years later, the castle being built hastily and with old, established methods that required only skills and materials readily available.

The castle was ruined just five years after completion during a siege in 69 BV. Catapults bombarded its walls for days, breaking them in multiple places. A final battering of spells ended its defenses and opened up the walls for a murderous assault. Like so many battles during The Century of War, many of its details are lost to history due to lack of survivors.

The castle was never rebuilt.