Elwin Kesinki

From Dragon Eye Atlas

house Kesinki
born 39 AV
died (alive)
father Marvin Kesinki
(12 JL - 58 JL)
mother Minea Dilical
(? - ?)
sex male

Elwin Kesinki is Lord Protector of Schaperach County, following his father Marvin Kesinki into that position upon his death in 58 AV. He was 19 years old.

Elwin married Ashelin Magryn in 56 AV. She is three years his younger, but has yet to give him a son. Of the three daughters born to the couple, two have died in infancy. The surviving daughter, Shylia Kesinki, was born in 61 AV.

Elwin is a good administrator but only mediocre warrior. Fortunately for him, the war is to the south and hasn't touched Schaperach during his lifetime.

Elwin promoted his younger brother Kalebard to the position of Grand Steward and gave him responsibility for southern Schaperach in 60 AV.