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The Kesinki family is a relatively young family of local rulers in Schap. In other realms it would be considered a noble family, but Schap has mostly abandoned nobility.

Notable current members of the family are Lord Protector Elwin Kesinki, who is both military and civil leader as well as judge of Schaperach County and his brother, Grand Steward Kalebard Kesinki, civilian governor of southern Schaperach and lord of Wachet Castle.

Origin and History

The Kesinki family emerged from obscurity around 50 BV. Merchants and administrators before that, Ahnavi Kesinki, great-grandfather of today's Lord Protector Elwin Kesinki became the first notable member of the family when he became Grand Steward of the eastern coastal area of Efen. The family took up residence in Schaperach two generations later, when Marvin Kesinki became Lord Protector of Schaperach County.