Eugen Luca

From Dragon Eye Atlas

house Luca
born 32 AV
died (alive)
father Komtar Luca
(? - ?)
mother Silis Hati
(? - ?)
sex male

The lord of Mea and second oldest brother of the Luca family. Eugen Luca is a calm man who enjoys the administrative work of running a province in the name of the emperor. He is rarely seen by the public and prefers a low profile and steady work over flashy displays of power. Under his governance, Volgen has become more prosperous and most of the villages in Mea are also feeling the positive impact of good rulership. In fact, Eugen has lowered taxes on farmers, millers and craftsmen two years ago, though by a small margin.

Unbeknown to the public, he keeps his younger sister Dierdra Luca close. She plays no official role in the government of Mea, but is his closest advisor.

Eugen is married to Tanbe Hati, the younger sister of his mother Silis Hati. The marriage is political, bringing the two families closer together. She is 3 years his senior, being 15 years apart from her sister.