Florencius Bernstein

From Dragon Eye Atlas

house Bernstein
born 27 AV
died (alive)
father Sito Bernstein
(? - ?)
mother Sybylle Baldaro
(? - ?)
sex male

Also known as Florencius I, current Emperor of Vericum. Florencius was crowned in 51 AV after the death of his predecessor, Thiemmo I.

Emperor Florencius is known for his calm demeanour and level-headed political decisions. He is less directly involved with small details of the realm than his predecessors, and some voices claim that this is a reason why the Imperial High Road is still unfinished despite making such rapid progress in its earlier years. On the other hand, his leaving the nobles of the realm more independent and making them responsible for results more than means has reduced the intrigues and unease at the court. Voices that had complained about Emperor Thiemmo meddling in everything have been quieted by Florencius manners.

The Emperor hails from a distinguished noble family and had his personal holdings in Surion, one of the largest territories within the Empire. Unlike Richard and Thiemmo, Florencius did not give up any lands, as he is the second son of his family. He distinguished himself to the nobility of the empire as a brilliant swordsman, tournament winner and as high judge of Surion, to which position his brother put him. A family tradition, shared by quite a few but not all northern families, is to split justice from rulership in such a way.

Florencius is a tall and strong man, with dark hair and grey eyes. He has a likeable but not exceptionally beautiful face with strong brows and a solid jaw. As emperor he is keeping up his martial skills and can be seen training with the knights of the Imperial Guard regularily.