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Area 1 km2
Population 183800
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Elladan
Dominant Religion Faith of Nesra
Realm Vericum
Capital Bouhlos
Ruled by Bernstein

Surion is a province in Vericum. Its capital is Bouhlos.

With a total population of more than 180 thousand, it is the 9th most populous province in the Empire. By area, it is even the second largest, after Myrmiolis. But as the province extends into the (TODO: name) mountains, its northern parts are sparsely populated.

Surion is an imperial province belonging to house Bernstein, whose second son Florencius Bernstein is the current emperor.

While Eladan is the dominant culture within Surion, the northern, mountainous parts already belong to the Luari cultural zone, and the western edge has a strong dwarven influence.

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