Goblin Peak

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Goblin Peak is or rather was a lighthouse along the East Fontician Trade Lane, located atop a cliff about 30m above the ocean at the east end of Valeria.

Somewhen in the winter of 45 AV, the lighthouse and the family taking care of it were attacked, by the remains and pieces of weapons later found by a large band of Goblins, who are known to inhabit the forests of Valeria and Perquino, but are rarely found in large groups. Nobody knows what exactly happened at the lighthouse, as there were no human survivors. At the time of the attack, only the woman and a baby were present, and both their bodies were found, in a terrible condition. Her husband and his brother, as well as the older child of the couple, had all gone to Torkelta, the nearest village, to buy a waggon of supplies before the next snowfall, which in some winters cut off the lighthouse from the surroundings.

They gave up the lighthouse and fled to Tejon upon finding the massacre and the burnt out remains of their home.

The place has been called "Goblin Peak" ever since, and nobody else has repaired or manned the lighthouse to this day.