East Fontician Trade Lane

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The East Fontician Trade Lane is a shipping lane connecting Morcera to Fonticia, though many merchants bypass Morcera these days and continue on straight to the West Fontician Trade Lane.

The trade route used to terminate at Utwan, but since Schap's conquest of Ezland, very few traders continue that way.

A common trip along the trade route will follow roughly this itinerary:

  • start early in Fontico, head south for a day. Throw anchor late in the evening and continue on early the next day. You should make it to Okjardur on the 2nd evening, just before nightfall.
  • unload and load in the morning if you came late, because it is only about 40 km of sailing south to Reigach, which you should make easily on the 3rd day.
  • Another 40 or so kilometres by ship is Akulita, so the 4th day likewise is easy. If you are in a rush or have no wares in Akulita, you can also pass it and make it to Sandyr the same day, if the winds are right and you leave early.
  • Otherwise, Sandyr is another easy day, around 33 km of sailing, enough time to load/unload in the morning and arrive long before sundown. You want to arrive well before sundown in Sandyr if you can make it, so you can manage your cargo the same evening.
  • The 6th day is a longer journey, so you want to start early. Tejon is over 60 km to the south.
  • From Tejon to Nara is one of the most difficult parts of the route. At about 100 km, you cannot make it in one day unless it is summer and you depart with the first light. The winds are often not your friends around the cape of Valeria, so even then it is not guaranteed that you don't have to throw anchor. Most likely, you make a stop and arrive in Nara shortly after noon on the 8th day.
  • On the 9th day, you sail an easy 55 km east to Kara
  • On the 10th day, another lazy day trip to Susis at the mouth of the Botfiedbu river. Beware the currents near the port.
  • On day 11, you have to make a choice, depending on what you are loading and which ship you are sailing.
    • You can sail across the open sea to Grendin, a distance of about 68 km. Leaving early you can do it in one day with good winds.
    • You can sail to Mosvik, which is 72 km. From there, you can sail south to Grendin, which at 55 km you can do in a day. Or more likely you want to turn north, into the Bay of Hubra, to Lelibri, Prinaus or Manitya, all of which are 40-50 km from Mosvik and no more then 30 km from each other. You can visit one, two or all three of them, adding 2 to 4 days to your journey.
  • From Grendin, it is a short hop of about 30 km south to Fisha. You want to use the time for some repairs and resupply before heading around the cape of Monte, where the winds are not always favorable.
  • At around 280 km, the journey between Fisha and Rochio is the longest on the entire trade lane. Depending on the winds, it will take you between 4 and 6 days. On the 2nd or 3rd day you will pass Kesiko, but the cliffs and treacherous underwater rocks make the small port inaccessible to larger ships. In an emergency, you could anchor and send a rowboat over.
  • Setting out from Rochio on the 18th day on average, or 22nd if you visited the Bay of Hubra, you can sail to Doweiti in a lazy day (it's about 30 km) or straight on to Teilerbach, about 55 km.
  • From both towns you can reach Felhei the next day, though from Doweiti it is about 68 km and you have to sail early in the day. If you sail from Teilerbach, you can also pass Felhei and sail straight to Breiburge, which is between 60 and 70 km depending on how close you stick to the coast. Also note that Teilerbach is about a kilometre up the Rohfield river and navigating the river is slower than sailing across the open sea.
  • From Breiburge starts the other long part of the journey. Tettlin might seem like a nearby port to stop, but it sits on a very shallow beach and you would have to anchor far out to sea. More likely Gamal will be your next destination, at 172 km that is a 3 day journey. But if you are flying the Fonticia flag, that port is closed to you, as that part of the peninsula, the province of Nabuk is under Hampy control.
  • Same for the next stop, Defair, 85 km from Galmal, another 2 days.
  • The next Fontician port is Selvik, 125 km from Defair, possible to reach in another two days if you leave early (or 7 days if you sail straight from Breiburge. Note that the Hampy navy may board and demand customs, even if you just sail past. Some merchants prefer to sail further from the coast, add another day to the trip, and have a good chance of staying out of sight.
  • From Selvik, it is about 65 km to Morcera, if you want to visit the city of thieves. The port, to be honest, is mostly orderly and as one of the better parts of Morcera not much worse than the ports of many other towns or cities, which are often among the worst parts there.
  • Or you can sail on to the West Fontician Trade Lane.

Sailing the entire trade route along the shortest path (bypassing Hampy towns, the Bay of Hubra and other optional stops) thus takes about 24-26 days, if weather and currents are adequate.