Grand Temple of Mekezisi

From Dragon Eye Atlas

The Grand Temple of Mekezisi is located in the heart of the city, in the district of Old Town. It is dedicated to the gods of the Kiswaili Faith, and is an ancient building complex with a unique U-shaped design not found elsewhere in the city. The temple's architecture is a combination of various architectural styles and influences, reflecting the different periods of its construction and renovation.

The central open space of the temple is surrounded by a series of columns and arches, built using a combination of stone and brick. These columns and arches support the roof of the temple, which is made of large slabs of stone. The roof is also supported by wooden beams, which have been replaced several times over the centuries to ensure the stability of the structure.

The central open space of the temple is used for large gatherings and ceremonies, and is the focal point of the temple. The surrounding buildings, which are used for smaller ceremonies as well as for housing and storage, provide support and protection for the central space. These buildings are also built using a combination of stone and brick, and are between 3 and 4 stories high, with a tower in the central wing reaching the height of 6 stories - the highest building in Mekezisi.

The temple is also adorned with various sculptures and carvings, which depict various legendary scenes and represent the religious beliefs and cultural influences of the people who built and used the temple over the many centuries. These sculptures and carvings are made of stone, and have been added over the centuries as the temple was renovated and expanded.