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Haisel is a small village in the western parts of Antioch in Vericum. It has a population of about 150. Despite its small size, it used to be famous for the excellent sausages produced here, and the yearly sausage festival held which were visited by lesser nobility from not only Antioch but also neighbouring provinces.

Disaster struck during the last sausage festival, with fights breaking out among the visitors and several dead, including the village's best sausage maker. Together with rumours spreading that the sausage had been mixed with a drug, or poison, or human flesh - depending on who is telling the story and how much he wants to shock the audience - the demand for Haisel sausages has plummeted.

The ruin of Blaken Castle is a short way away from the village and the river Sparte flows through it. A palisade wall surrounds the few houses, proof of a time when the sausage exports brought relative wealth. The village also has a water mill and a smithy. It used to have a trading post, but since the festival ended, it has been abandoned.

Impressions of Haisel