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Hertyn is village in Basco in Biesen with a population of about 160.

The village is a farming community with a variety of fruit trees, grain fields and vegetable gardens. Several hunters and trappers add meat to the menu, as the village has few domestic animals aside from rabbits and chickens.

The village is unusually condensed for a village and most of it is surrounded by a palisade wall, in some places more a fence than a fortification, intended to keep wolves and bears out which roam the forest and have in the past entered the village in search for food.

Instead of a tavern, Hertyn has a community tent in front of its small local temple where the villagers congregate in the evenings, each bringing and sharing something to eat and drink.

Hertyn also wins the local harvest season competition for the best straw figure, a Tallian custom where the straw is bundled up in the shape of an animal after the harvest.