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Hompo is a large village and trading post in Sumegaidau County in Vericum with a population of about 200. Many of its people rely on trade caravans, especially ore and metal trade from the Sumegaidau Mine passing through or staying in the village over night. With Sumegaidau about 42 km down the road, and the mine itself around 45 km, Hompo is located perfectly for a caravan that spends an hour or two loading in the morning there, and arrives in the village in the late afternoon.

This is why despite its relatively small size, the village has a guild hall for the trader's guild as well as a large tavern and inn next door. There is also a temple of the Faith of Ikoyo much larger in size than a village would need. A much smaller Faith of Nesra temple exists in a side street, for those travellers from the north. It has a part-time priest who is the stablemaster at the inn when not in the temple. The two religions get along peacefully in Hompo.