From Dragon Eye Atlas

You are hereby granted permission to use the world of Dragon Eye in your own games, including as a setting for published games of any kind, provided that you follow these rules:

  1. You must clearly indicate the name Dragon Eye as your source and link back to this website. (for example: "based on Dragon Eye (" )
  2. If you publish any material using this setting, you must inform me of it and provide me with a free copy of said material. My contact e-mail is
  3. You may adapt the setting to your own needs, but must clearly indicate deviations from this source material that you've made.
  4. By using the Dragon Eye setting, you grant me a license to use any setting material that you create on this site, i.e. to integrate it into the setting. This includes texts, images, maps, names and concepts. It does not include any rules, game mechanics, computer code or other non-setting material.
  5. If you are using the setting in a commercial project that generates more than 10,000 € (ten-thousand Euros) or equivalent in another currency in gross revenue, you owe 1% of gross revenue as royalty to me as creator of the setting, unless we come to a different agreement.

This license handles the setting. Games set in the world of Dragon Eye, such as as the RPG rules or the Black Forest Computer Game are not covered by the above license.