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Nakon is a large village in the province of Cheor Land in Mun. It has a population of about 320 today, and well over 400 until recently.

The village is close to Surenas lands and fairly isolated, living entirely self-sustained with little trade and few visitors or travellers from more far than the surrounding villages.

The village was hit hard by the Qualong Undead Invasion of 66 AV. The undead attacked the village at night and slaughtered over a hundred peasants before moving on after the remaining villagers had fled into the jungle. It is unknown where they came from or where they went.

While much of the damage has been repaired, many homes are still abandoned where entire families perished and the locals believe the ruins are haunted.

Aside from this dark past, the village is home to not just farmers, but also a carpenter, a part-time smith and a miller as well as a herbalist and midwife and a few hunters, trappers and lumberjacks. There is no inn or tavern, but the market place has a semi-permanent pavilion with a fabric roof that is used for evening gatherings (everybody brings their own drinks) as well as village festivities.

Adventure Hooks

There are still scattered groups of undead (mostly skeletons) in the rainforest around Nakon. They are weakened and many are unarmed, making them relatively easy picking for low-level adventurers.