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Otzen is a small border town in Otzen Territory in Biesen with a population of about 600.

The town is recent and artificially built, along the Peace Road connecting Alaarah and Mulbach.

It serves as a border point and trading post, and most of its about 600 inhabitants are either traders, soldiers or employed in the supply of either of those. While not officially a province capital, the rest of Otzen Territory is largely governed from here as well.

Aside from small amounts of agriculture, just enough to sustain the population, trade, diplomacy and a small military outpost are the entire economy of this place.

Due to its proximity to Afarwaha, elves are relatively common sights here, though none live in the town or are citizens.

At the moment, tensions between the two realms are high again and work on the Peace Road has stopped, leading to less trade and more military presence. However, both races are more peaceful around Otzen than in other places, having grown a bit more accustomed to each other due to the constant trade and exchange. In general, while the atmosphere is tense, there is no armed conflict around Otzen.