Peace Road

From Dragon Eye Atlas

The Peace Road is an ongoing joint project designed to bring trade and - maybe - peace to Biesen and Afarwaha.

The road connects the elven city of Alaarah and the human city of Mulbach and runs for a bit over 160 km. Once finished, it is supposed to reduce travel time between the two cities to around four days in adequate weather. However, despite construction going on for almost two decades, the ups and downs in relations between the realms has led to frequent stops in construction. The part between Mulbach and the Shesto river is almost entirely complete, as are a few kilometres to either side of the border town of Otzen. Elsewhere, the road is in various states of construction and repair, with some stretches, such as about 10 km west of the Shesto being little more than muddy trails with scattered signs of planned construction work.