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Official Name Forest of Oujda
Capital Oujda
Government Tribal
Population 640,000
Dominant Race elf
Dominant Culture Forest Elves
Dominant religion Elven Gods

The Forest of Oujda is an elven realm in the north-west of Auseka, closed to outsiders on penalty of death. Little is known about the realm outside its borders, which are not entirely clear or official.

It is, in fact, so much closed off that its official capital, the city of Oujda lies in a secret location deep within the forest, with no roads connecting it to the outside world. There are roads in the forest, though most of them are little more than trails.

Like all elven realms, Oujda does not have a flag or banner nor does it divide its land up into provinces.

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The Border Situation

While its neighbour realms have put border stones and other markings, the elves of Oujda respect only their own definition of where their forest begins and ends. The borders marked are thus with a good amount of leeway and are largely considered the safe borders, beyond which the elves may or may not assume authority. The border settlements are the clearest indicators, and in large parts the borders are drawn up around them. Where human settlements are respected by the elves, clearly that area is not elven territory. Where elven settlements are known to exist, clearly it is.

That is not to say that the elves have always succeeded in pushing their version of the border disputes. Many skirmishes were fought throughout history, ending sometimes this way and sometimes that. But elves do have long memories, and apparently never give up a claim, but simply return a generation later to press it again.

Many of the human settlements were not originally respected by the elves, and towns all around the forest were destroyed repeatedly as humans expanded into the elven domain over the millenia. Oujda was most likely two or three times as large before humans began to press on its borders. Some of the ancient elves within the realm are rumoured to still hold those original borders to be true, though they are a minority opinion within their kind.


The population of Oujda is exclusively elven. No non-elves are permitted permanent residence within the realm, and even visiting foreign dignitaries are granted only stay until their business is resolved. While the elves do allow traders, scholars or adventurers into their realm on occasion, there are neither official border posts nor embassies in which papers of passage could be obtained. Many of those who make regular trips into Oujda keep the secret as how to be granted entry to themselves, or sell it for coin.


The Forest Elves of Oujda live the way their kind has lived for countless centuries. They hunt and gather, employing magic routinely for day-to-day activities and live in small communities all through the land. A good number of permanent settlements are known to the outside, though their precise locations are based on speculations and tales of those who visited them.


This page is still incomplete and missing content or details that are planned, but have not been added yet.

Secrets of Oujda

Details not generally known and things that need to be discovered about Oujda are hidden away at Secrets of Oujda (visible only to registered users).