From Dragon Eye Atlas

Outan is a village deep in the Nanalanda Territory forest. It forms a triangle with Slinahagri and Meloul, all three connected by a path through the forest and isolated from other villages around, as they are the only Insiza tribe settlements in the area. About 250 people live in about 30 huts of various sizes.

Insiza Losay, son of Mortak is chief of Outan. He is also the local shaman and his magic is sought after in all three Insiza villages. According to the villagers, he can heal injuries, cure diseases, predict the weather and he always seems to know where herds of wild deer can be found and which areas should be avoided due to wolves and bears.

Like the other Insiza in the area, the villagers are scared of elves, and do not realize that both their religion and the building style of their houses and even some of their clothes are inspired by the elves that used to inhabit this area. So they live in wooden huts similar to elven tree houses and pray to the Elven Gods.

Outan has cleared a large area of forest and populated it with fields and pastures. They are the only village in the area that has a dozen cows among its livestock. There are also goats and chickens. A tiny stream that springs out of the hillside a few km north feeds into a pond at the center of the village and provides fresh water. It flows out towards the south-east, along the trail towards Meloul for about a km before turning south and finally joining the Kezisa river.

To the north-west, the forest becomes more dense and turns into a temperate rainforest. The Insiza rarely venture there, despite the Njagwe village of Ylana being only 6 km away. No trails or paths connect the two villages.