From Dragon Eye Atlas

Slinahagri is a village deep in the Nanalanda Territory forest.

Slinahagri forms a triangle with Meloul and Outan, all three connected by a path through the forest and isolated from other villages around, as they are the only Insiza tribe settlements in the area. About 300 people live in about 50 huts of various sizes.

Insiza Gisil, son of Leko is the village chief, a bald-headed elderly man of strong build who is still active as a lumberjack despite his advanced age. He is also one of seven villagers who are trained as warriors and have leather armour and axes, spears or short bows at home, in case the village is attacked by wild animals, bandits or a stray elven warband (the latter of which has never actually happened, but the villagers are deadly afraid of elves).

The village has cleared a small section of the forest around where fields of vegetables and grain have been made, but much of the food comes from small herds of goats and pigs grazing in the forest and from the forest itself in the form of fruits, berries and nuts. Water comes from a well at the center of the village and from gathered rain - most huts have a barrel for collecting rain.

Despite their fear of elves, architecture and religion are inspired by elven tradition. The huts are made from bended branches of trees, almost like bamboo houses, and the locals pray to the Elven Gods, ignorant of the origin of both of these things.