Pirate Cove

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Pirate Cove was the hideout of a feared pirate crew sailing under the banner of the "Witch of the Seas" and preying upon trade ships along the trade route going past the cliffs. The cove was well hidden inside the cliffs, with a narrow passageway that the pirates went through with their mast lowered, a removable mast being rare for sea-going ships, even small ones like a pirate caravel.

Behind the cliff face, in a small natural harbor, a few shacks, a cave and an old watchtower, long ruined, provided the pirates with a proper hideout.

Pirate Cove was discovered by an adventuring party in 67 AV and reported to the lord of Morcera Earldom, whose navy found no one as the pirates had by then abandoned the place. Rumors are that the adventurers killed the pirate captain, though her body was never found.