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Religion assumed nature god of
Elven Gods dead good winter and seasons
Faith of Nesra alive evil winter and hunger
Faith of Ikoyo alive good seasons and cyle of the year
Bascian Blasphemy alive uncaring (no set agenda)

Qomis is a male god associated with the seasons, especially the winter. The Faith of Nesra makes his domain only the winter and its cold, misery and hunger, while the elves consider him a god of all seasons who just happens to be most active and aggressive in winter. Within the Ikoyo faith, the cycle of the year with all its aspects is in the lap of Qomis.

His role is different in the Bascian Blasphemy, which believes most things about the gods are trickery and falsehoods. Here, Qomis is a trickster god with no set agenda who does whatever he wishes to. His goals sometimes coincide with those of humans, and sometimes collide.

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