From Dragon Eye Atlas

Selmwald is a hamlet in the heart of the forest in southern Schaperach County in Schap with a population of about 40.

Of the 9 men, 8 are woodcutters, though the women take care of some chicken and a few pigs as well as harvesting from the gardens. There are also half a dozen oxens, used mostly as work animals.

Markus Schwarzmoor, the carpenter and cart builder, is the total of the local infrastructure. Since he can’t survive on this small business alone, he is also the villages only hunter.

Roland Jurich, the only villager able to read and write (he was raised as an orphan at the nearby Convent Heinrich), sometimes reads passages from the scriptures to the other villagers, though he definitely doesn’t consider himself a member of the clergy. Anyways, the villagers are not particularily faithful, except when monks from the convent stop by. On normal days, the local religion is a pragmatic mixture of Ebronism and folk tales.