The Battle of the Broken Heart

From Dragon Eye Atlas

This site signifies the only time the elves of Oujda marched an army out of the forest into human lands to conquer and burn.

It was all started by Soisana Trawenys, daughter of Cardono Romenya Trawenys Aistano, head of the second most powerful tribe in Oujda and Reggies Poccanes of House Wachika, second son of the King of Baweng. In 476 BV, he lead a diplomatic mission into the elven forest, where the two met and fell in love. Both fathers were adamantly against the entire affair, but Reggies convinced his father that the diplomatic advantages would be considerable, and Cardano had little sway over his daughter, who at 220 years old had long been an adult.

The two lovers began visiting each other, though the relation was kept secret from both elves and humans outside the closest circles. Soisana, of course, also had other lovers in this time, which is perfectly normal for an elf, but Reggies could not come to terms with this difference of culture despite honest attempts at acceptance. He could have forgiven a fling or two, but Soisana brought her lovers to formal occasions and showed public affection to them, thinking nothing of it, as such is not unusual in elven society.

In anger and disgust, Reggies challenged one of her lovers to a duel and killed him. Soisana, who had not known of the event until its very end, rushed towards the scene and mourned her fallen companion, at which point Reggies hit her, called her a whore and swore to never set foot into the forest again and kill every elf who would dare talk to him before he stormed off, stole a horse and left for his father's castle.

Upon hearing these occurances and finding his daughter with a twice-broken heart, Cardono famously announced that Reggies could get his wish and raised five thousand elves to march on Baweng in what he called a "let's all go and talk to that human boy" matter. Baweng in turn mobilized its army. The year was 474 BV

The two armies met on the battlefield today marked with black obelisks. Elven archers put a hail of arrows on the human army, who responded with catapults and ballistas. Battle was joined at noon, under a cloudless blue sky as if to mock the death that was to follow. An hour into the slaughter, Kind Boriwsk of Baweng ordered his forces to disengage and rode under a banner of truce into the center of the battlefield, where Cardano met him in his role as general of the elven army. The two men spoke, agreeing that the elves would probably win the day at a terrible cost and that the loss of so many lives over a love affair is a silly thing if it can be resolved in another way.

Reggies was brought forth by his father's men and publicly emasculated, before being sent off into exile in the south. Afterwards, both armies collected their dead and wounded and went home.

King Boriwsk is said to have been furious afterwards, having only pretended a cold manner to save his army. He had two more sons so his lineage was not in danger, but the damage to his name was a heavy price to pay and he gave orders that if prince Reggies were ever to return to his homelands, he was to be apprehended immediately, blinded and crippled and thrown into the deepest dungeon.

Cardano, meanwhile, is said to have been pleased with the resolution of the matter, and his daughter is said to have had many more lovers until she died in 184 BV.