The Sinking of Pandongia

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Ancient Auseka was a different continent from what it is today, with vast grasslands at its core, dry by rainfall but fertile due to the many rivers crossing it.

The Epoch of Destruction ended with the continent being torn apart and shattered into the shape it has today.


The vast grasslands at the heart of Pangondia, as the region is called an ancient legends, were inhabited by both humans and centaurs as well as other races now lost to time. In the eastern part, the core of the centaur civilization, fertile highlands were the source of many rivers and an inland fresh water lake dwarving today's Lake Erisai provided fertile grounds for the beginnings of human civilization, which was just emerging from feral times of hunter and gatherer tribes and beginning its first settlements.

The North

With a larger landmass to the south, the northern parts of Pangodia were much more dry and cold than those same regions today on Auseka. No humans lived in the north at this time, and its vast taiga was the home to wild animals as well as what remained of the Orcs. Legends also speak of a race known only as the Tekami, who also lived in the north and may have originated from the huge island off the north-west coast of Pangondia, which scholars call Tek, though nobody knows if that really was its original name. Nothing else is known about the Tekami, not even what they looked like. Many scholars believe that they were a hybrid race like the centaurs, but no pictures, statues or other sources that would show them have survived.


Aside from Tek in the far north, two other large islands existed around Auseka, of which today no trace remains, even though countless ships have sailed to find them, due to persistent rumours that civilizations with uncountable wealth existed on them.

What exists in somewhat believable sources tells us that the southern island, known as Berel, was the place of an elven kingdom that traded extensively with the mainland and might be the source of all those legends.

The Sinking

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