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The Centaurs were an intelligent race that lived in the eastern parts of Auseka, primarily in the region known as Pangondia. According to legends, they were a peaceful race of horse-human hybrids, who traded with the elves and occasionally the dwarves.

The Centaurs suffered greatly from The Sinking, but it appeared at first as if their civilization would endure. But not long after, The End of the Centaurs had begun.

Today, ancient Centaur ruins can be found in some areas, especially within Fonticia. The main regions in which such ruins are plentiful are the provinces of Pavalbara, Cocro Earldom, Sonzani and especially Rocca Land. Rumours exist that the ruins extend into the sea southwards and that the underwater ruins contain uncounted treasures for those with enough courage and magic to explore them.

Centaur Tribes

Not all of the centaurs are gone from the world, though whatever happened has affected them deeply. The centaurs left today are but a shadow of their former civilization, fallen back to a bronze-age level of technology, their intelligence barely above that of wild beasts and their culture evaporated. They roam the plains and forests, mostly around their former lands, but a few tribes have been found as far away as Biesen.

Centaurs are rare these days, their numbers most likely in the thousands. They gather in tribes of twenty to a hundred individuals and live a mostly nomadic life. They are generally peaceful and avoid people, which together with their low numbers makes most other races believe that they have long passed and any rumours of centaur sightings are but that - rumours.

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