High and Low Magic

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The flow of magic is not even throughout the world of Auseka. In some areas it flows more freely, in others less so. These are called areas of high and low magic, respectively.

The two largest high magic regions are roughly the realms of Palan and Aluraba. The reason for these realms being near identical to the high magic reasons they occupy is political: They make it almost a principle of state to control that area.

There are several large low magic regions throughout the world, though none reach the size of an entire realm. The very north of Biesen and Schap are low in magic, as are the Njorun mountain range, covering large parts of the dwarven realm Ebronland.

Life in Low Magic Regions

As far as low magic regions are concerned, life there is simply more similar to the real world middle ages. There is still magic around, but it is less common and less powerful. The kings still have their court wizards, but out in the countryside, many villagers have never seen a real mage with their own two eyes. In other places, there are magic users, but their powers are small compared to the higher magic regions. If you would take the superstition and fairy tales of the real world middle ages at face value, it would be pretty much like that.

Life in High Magic Regions

At the other extreme, life is very much different both from real history and from other places in Auseka.

Palan is the shining example, and at night in the literal sense - the streets of its largest cities are illuminated by magical street lamps, which re-fill their mana stores during the day.

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