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Official Name Aluraban Homeland
Capital Mashareah
Government Magocracy
Population 213,000
Dominant Race elf
Dominant Culture Mountain Elves
Dominant religion Elven Gods

Despite its small size, Aluraba is more than a match for its neighbours, which might be the main reason they have been at peace for countless generations.

The Mountain Elves of Aluraba are powerful magic users, and count among their numbers some of the oldest and most powerful mages the world has ever known. The humans living on the island still tell tales of the fate that early human settlers suffered when they attempted to conquer the mountains by force. Aluraba is located within a high magic region.

Like all elven realms, Aluraba does not have a flag or banner. It is, however, the only elven realm that is split up into provinces, namely Alfar, Alah Canton, Muhaizan and Uwayh Canton.

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The elves of Aluraba do not allow humans to settle within their lands and have so far driven out all who try. Interestingly, they drive those settlers out rather than slay them, while answering any armed invasion of their lands with brutally efficient violence, often magical.

One foreign race, however, is allowed to settle within the realm - gnomes. This combination is unique to Aluraba, as gnomes generally prefer to settle within human or dwarven realms, but there is a minority of several thousand gnomes in Aluraba. Most of them are craftsmen and they often combine mechanical ingenuity with magic, creating some of the most interesting artifacts in the world.


Aluraba has a hunterer-gatherer economy that produces almost no exports and has very little trade with its neighbouring realms. Unlike Oujda, however, the elves of Aluraba do not isolate themselves from the world. Trade caravans, travelling musicians and actors, diplomatic envoys and other human visitors are welcome in the realm, as long as they have no intention to stay permanently. In fact, human theatre has become somewhat of a fashion and is drawing large crowds everywhere it comes. Several elven settlements have even constructed stages and two of the three cities, Mashareah and Awar, have built theatres.

Aluraba is also the only elven realm with something akin to mining. The mountains at the centre of the realm are not as tall as those in the other parts of the world, with peaks reaching around 850 m, but there are quite a few ore veins that are exposed in the rocky areas or can be accessed through natural caves. The elves have developed spells to both find and excavate those ores, and smelt them down using magical fires that burn exceptionally hot. The end result of this process are metals of incredible purity and quality, but also rarity as the efficiency of this extraction method is far, far below the more mundane digging and smelting of the dwarves. These metals are not used in cheap products, and any weapons, metal armours or tools manufactures in Aluraba are of exceptional quality, at several times the price one would pay for ordinary items of the same type.


This page is still incomplete and missing content or details that are planned, but have not been added yet.

The Trees of Aluraba

Within the mountain valleys of Aluraba, and nowhere else in the world, grow the giant Alura trees. These monstrous trees are quite tall - easily 60m in many cases, but also wide. Specimen with a diameter of 10m are common, and the largest ones reach 20m. Those trunks cover 300 square metres and more.

The elves of Aluraba build their houses inside those trees, either by hollowing the tree out with magic that bends and shifts rather then chops out the wood, thus leaving the tree perfectly healthy, or by letting the tree grow around a frame. Typical elven houses like this will have four to eight floors, each with a floor size of 100 to 150 square metres.


 CapitalPopulationAreaRuled by
Alah CantonMashareah34,8001,916
MuhaizanMuhaizan (city)185,90011,704
Uwayh CantonAwar22,100732