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Area 16900 km2
Population 166000
Dominant Race dwarf
Dominant Culture Hill Dwarves
Dominant Religion Faith of Ikoyo
Realm Hanzatia
Capital Sumbalan

An extensive province in the south of Hanzatia, Mobodia is one of the most interesting provinces of the realm, with both traditional dwarven underground cities and extensive human settlements in the highlands and mountains. It is a melting pot of many traditions, right in the heart of Auseka.

Most of its architecture, daily routines and customs are taken from the dwarven culture, even among the humans and gnomes living here. Only the north-west has a strong Kiswaili influence. However, when it comes to religion, the Faith of Ikoyo dominates, with temples even inside many of the dwarven towns and a considerable minority of dwarves having converted to the faith. The Kiswaili Faith is strong among the human population of the western parts as well, while many of the dwarves still follow their traditional ancestor worship.

In the southern central area, where the towns of Nul Kohldur, Sumbalan, Bhen Furum and Kirnwuhrum are within one or two days travel of each other, all of these influences mix into a rich and varied culture that is with surprisingly little conflict.

Economically, the mining and metalworking of the dwarves is a considerable source of wealth, but the human population - which for the past century has outgrown the dwarven one - adds highland agriculture on the vast grasslands that make up two thirds of the region as well as forestry and hunting to it, making the region prosperous and independent.

Points of Interest


 Settlement typePopulationRuled by
Nul Kohldurcity3,800