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Area 416 km2
Population 5900
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Kiswaili
Dominant Religion Faith of Ikoyo
Realm Palan
Ruled by Vivien Gildermont

Nkotodo is an island-province of Palan, dotted with fishing villages along its coast, cut into a dense tropical rainforest that only gets thicker when travelling deeper into it. In fact, travel is next to impossible in the inner parts, with thick and thorny bushes, massive trees and quite a lot of hostile wildlife.

While the trade routes along the coast pass by the island, they only stop for resupplies as there are no deep water ports on Nkotodo.

Points of Interest


Secrets of Nkotodo

Details not generally known and things that need to be discovered about Nkotodo are hidden away at Secrets of Nkotodo (visible only to registered users).