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Plartea is medium-sized village in central Basco in Biesen with a population of about 230.

Wood crafting is a major part of Plartea, and it delivers wooden goods to nearby villages and towns. Cutlery, plates, bowls as well as simple furniture such as chairs and tables is manufactured directly in Plartea.

Aside from woodcutting and woodworking, Plartea has its farmers, hunters and trappers. The forest surrounding the village is a source of both food and other raw materials.

A small amount of travellers and merchants, especially those following the road from Casuvo to Saronale, bring more goods and provide enough business for a small tavern and inn that provides shelter for those who don't make the trip in one day. On foot it is about 6 hours between the two towns, but with a cart, especially when the roads are muddy from rain, some travellers prefer to make a stop in Plartea. The inn is called the "Bronze Bear", and the local legend has it that a bear once wandered into it at night and drank from leftover mugs until he passed out.