Celle Segna

From Dragon Eye Atlas

Type city
Elevation 75 m
Population 7400
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Tallian
Dominant Religion Seogism
Realm Fonticia
Province Rochio Land

The holy city of Celle Segna is one of the few holy places of Seogism.

It is built on the site of what legends say was an ancient centaur city. Some of its central buildings are clearly rebuilt ruins of that civilization before the time of mankind. They are built from massive stones that must have been brought from the mountains, possibly hundreds of kilometres. They fit together so well that not the thinnest blade can enter between them, and some of them must weigh 50 tons or more.

Most importantly, however, the city is said to be the site of an ancient battle in which four human heroes defended mankind against the wrath of the gods. They are unnamed because the gods anger was thrown back and the people saved, but the gods were not to be humiliated like this easily. They cursed the heroes with being forgotten, their names wiped from memory and history, their graves unknown and unmarked. Their story unsung and untold.

So all that remains in living memory is the bare fact of this battle having occurred in this place. A glimmer of hope in a dark world, that somehow, men could stand up to the wrath of the gods.

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