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Type city
Elevation 25 m
Population 4550
Dominant Race human
Dominant Culture Kiswaili
Dominant Religion Faith of Nesra
Realm Grasalia
Province Mabimia Territory

Domamutam is a city in the north-west of Grasalia, located on both banks of the Chawamers river. It suffered badly during the Coughing Death outbreak of 14 AV and has still not been fully repopulated. More than half its population of almost 10,000 perished during the plague, and the west bank of the city is still a ghost town today, with the remaining people having moved mostly into the eastern part. Some of the poor and those hiding from the law live on the west bank, and with the city filling up again with more people it will not be left empty forever, but as of today, the effects of the Coughing Death are still clearly felt everywhere.

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