Using the Wiki

From Dragon Eye Atlas

The Dragon Eye Atlas is built much like Wikipedia, which is almost certainly familiar to you. Pages are hyperlinked to other pages so you can start anywhere and browse through the world. You can also start at the Main Page to find all larger topics quickly, or use the search box at the top.

Semantic Wiki

The atlas is also a Semantic Wiki, meaning it understands relations between objects. When the page for Phonas tells you that it is located within The Empire of Vericum, that is not just text, the wiki actually understands that relation. Using Semantic Search or Inline Queries, the wiki can create dynamic lists and tables with data about the world.

The easiest way to ask the wiki about semantic information is Special:Ask.

If you have a user account (not available yet, soon available to Patreon supporters), you can also write your own queries and searches.


All maps displayed on this wiki are interactive. The Controls are:

Action Mouse Keys
move / pan hold left button and move mouse cursor keys
zoom mouse wheel or double-click +/- keys (with shift for faster zoom)
rotate left/right hold ctrl and left mouse button and move mouse left/right shift plus left/right arrow keys
pitch up/down hold ctrl and left mouse button and move mouse up/down shift plus up/down arrow keys

On a touchscreen, pinch to zoom and rotate.

On many pages you will also find named entities in the text linked to the map, like this which will move the map view to the entity in question so you can find it quickly on the map. For an example, click on one of the businesses listed on the Phonas town page.