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Type city
Elevation 765 m
Population 18100
Dominant Race dwarf
Dominant Culture Hill Dwarves
Dominant Religion Kiswaili Faith
Realm Hanzatia
Province Niewald

Kafloch is a large dwarven/human city in the heart of Hanzatia. It lies on the Mwantondi river on the east side of the mountain range.

Despite being about two-thirds dwarven, the city is built mostly above ground due to its proximity to the river. Only about 5000 of its people live in the traditional dwarven underground city in the eastern parts. The river catches any water flowing down the mountains to the west so that flooding is not an issue, as long as one does not dig too close towards the Mwantondi.

Kafloch is a mining city and the Kafloch mines are famous for their iron and mithril.

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